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Duval H. Arthur, Jr., Director
Courthouse Bldg, Rm 500
500 Main Street
Franklin, LA. 70538
337-828-4100 - Ext 135

Paul Naquin, Parish President
Courthouse Bldg, Rm 500
500 Main Street
Franklin, LA. 70538
337-828-4100 - Ext 500
Welcome to St. Mary Parish OHSEP
                   FIRST CALL ALERT SYSTEM ***

Please be advised, if you call St Mary Parish 911 or any other emergency
service agency such as Police, Fire or Sheriff dispatchers in be prepared
to answer a few more questions about your travel or illness symptoms.

This comes after a recommendation from DHH and GOHSEP,
in the wake of the heightened concern about the Ebola virus. There are
no reported cases in Louisiana; however, emergency personnel who come
in contact with the public need to stay vigilant.

This is not to alarm anyone. We're just asking the public to be more patient
if the 911 operators ask you a few more questions than normal.

Questions, particularly for those with showing signs of a fever, will pertain
to areas of travel and if they display any symptoms of the virus, especially

In most instances you will be asked:

1. Do you have fever?

2. Are you a resident of – or have you traveled within the last 21 days to
a country where an EBOLA outbreak is occurring?

3. Have you been exposed to someone who is suspected or known to
have EBOLA?

Even though some may be skeptical on this disease spreading, we want
to take precautions for both our citizens and our emergency responders.

Please use the health precautions that have been set forth by the



The National Weather Service in Lake Charles is expecting a dry and
mild period for the next 7 days. Low temperatures will run in the mid
50s to lower 60s, and highs will drop from the mid 80s through this
weekend to the upper 70s to lower 80s next week.

In the tropics, Hurricane Gonzalo poses no risk for us, but could be a
problem for Bermuda on Friday. We will be monitoring the Bay of Campeche
next week for possible tropical cyclone development, but forecast confidence
is low at this point.

Roger Erickson
Warning Coordination Meteorologist
National Weather Service
Lake Charles, LA

Photo: If you've been enjoying this beautiful weather, then we have great news. The cool, clear, dry conditions will continue for the rest of the week and into early next week.


T.D. #9 forms in the Bay of Campeche - no threat to the U.S. expected

Tropical Depression Nine has resumed a slow movement toward the east,
and this general motion should continue for the next 48 hours - taking
the center of the tropical cyclone near the coast of the Mexican state of
Campeche tonight or early Thursday, then across the Yucatan Peninsula.

The depression is centered as of 1 p.m. CDT / 2 p.m. EDT about 110 miles
west-southwest of Campeche, Mexico. Maximum sustained winds are 35
mph and it could become a tropical storm before moving inland. Some
weakening should occur as the system moves over the Yucatan Peninsula.

A Tropical Storm Warning continues along the coast of Mexico from
Celestun to Frontera. Tropical storm conditions are expected to begin
by late this afternoon or evening.

Total rainfall accumulations of 5 to 10 inches, perhaps as high as 15 inches,
are expected across the Yucatan Peninsula. These rainfall amounts may
produce life threatening flash floods.

Get the latest on the tropics anytime by visiting the
NHC website at

[Image of 5-day forecast and coastal areas under a warning or a watch]

Photo: Do you know what the forecast cone actually represents? Or how often a storm will track outside the cone?  The graphic below has the answers. #HurricanePrep

Photo: NHC has 12 hurricane specialists dedicated to giving you the best forecasts possible. Do you know how they create the hurricane forecasts? The graphic below has a basic overview. #HurricanePrep

Photo: It's #LightningSafety week.  Most lightning fatalities occur when people are caught outdoors during thunderstorms.  Remember, when thunder roars, go indoors!



On October 10, 2013: Flood stages at four forecast points along the Atchafalaya River

will be changed to better reflect flood impacts along the reaches of the river served
by these forecast points.

The National Weather Service will change the river flood criteria at four locations along
the Atchafalaya River to better reflect the flood impacts at the following locations:
Butte La Rose, Melville, Krotz Springs, and Morgan City.

                                               Morgan City

  New Criteria

Current Criteria

Action Stage

4 Feet

4 Feet

Flood Stage

6 Feet

4 Feet


7 Feet

7 Feet

Flood Stage

12 Feet

12 Feet

These changes in the flood criteria will allow emergency managers in Avoyelles, St. Mary,
St. Martin, St. Landry, and Iberia parishes to better serve the communities that would
be impacted by flooding. These flood criteria reflect input from the leaders of these parishes,
along with first responders, and citizens.

Important: These changes will not affect flood insurance maps or flood insurance rates
for these locations. This will only affect the watch and warning criteria at this locations.

Have you developed your disaster plan? Start today. You never know when the
unexpected will happen. Be prepared; develop your emergency kit! FEMA Federal Emergency Management Agency
Louisiana Governor's Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness


goto this link for St Mary Parish School updates:

The ALERT FM app is now available for iPhone and Android devices.
Below are the links that go directly to the ALERT FM app.



 Suspicious Activity Reports/Tips
Report Suspicious Activity

Prompt and thorough reporting of suspicious activities may prevent
a terrorist attack. When reporting suspicious activity, it is helpful to
 give the most accurate description
possible of the situation, including:

Brief Description of the Activity
Date, Time and Location of the Activity
Physical Identifiers of the Person(s) Observed
Vehicle Descriptor Information
Where Any Suspicious Persons May Have Gone
Your Name and Contact Information (optional)

Tips for Reporting

Being aware of signs indicative of terrorist planning can
 aid law enforcement in the discovery of possible terrorist activity.
 If you believe you have information that would help authorities,
 you are encouraged to do the following:

Call 911 for Life Threatening Emergencies
Homeland Defense Hotline- 1-800-434-8007 (24 HOUR ASSISTANCE)
LSP Website - WWW.LSP.ORG (Click on Suspicious Activity Online Report to report any of the above mentioned incidents)
LA-SAFE Email - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

7 Signs of Terrorism

Certain activities, especially those at or near sensitive facilities,
including government, military or other high profile sites or places
 where large numbers of people congregate, may indicate terrorist
 planning phases. Suspicious activities of interest that should be reported
 to law enforcement are commonly referred to as the 7 Signs of Terrorism.

Surveillance: Recording or monitoring activities. May include drawing diagrams,
note taking, use of cameras, binoculars or other vision-enhancing devices or
 possessing floor plans or blueprints of key facilities.

Elicitation: Attempts to obtain operation, security and personnel-related
 information regarding a key facility. May be made by mail, fax, e-mail,
telephone or in person.

Tests of Security: Attempts to measure reaction times to security breaches
or to penetrate physical security barriers or procedures in order to assess
strengths and weaknesses.

Acquiring Supplies: Attempts to improperly acquire items that could be used in
a terrorist act. May include the acquisition of explosives, weapons, harmful chemicals,
 flight manuals, law enforcement or military equipment, uniforms, identification badges
 or the equipment to manufacture false identification.

Suspicious Persons: Someone who does not appear to belong in a workplace,
neighborhood or business establishment due to their behavior, including
 unusual questions or statements they make.

Dry Runs/Trial Runs: Behavior that appears to be preparation for a terrorist
 act without actually committing the act. Activity could include mapping out routes
 and determining the timing of traffic lights and flow.

Deploying Assets: Placing people, equipment and supplies into position to
commit the act. This is the last opportunity to alert authorities before the terrorist
act occurs.

Get Tech Ready
According to The American Red Cross, the internet - including online news sites and social media platforms - is the third most popular way for Americans to gather emergency information and let their loved ones know they are safe.
Through the use of everyday technology, individuals, families, responders and organizations can successfully prepare for, adapt to and recover from disruptions brought on by emergencies and/or disasters. With effective planning, it is possible to take advantage of technology before, during and after a crisis to communicate with loved ones and manage your financial affairs.

FEMA Text Messages

Use your cell phone’s text messaging capability to receive text message updates from FEMA (standard message and data rates apply).
Here are basic commands to get started:
  • To signup to receive monthly preparedness tips: text PREPARE to 43362 (4FEMA)
  • To unsubscribe (at any time): text STOP to 43362 (4FEMA)

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